Public Typography: Drinking With Type

Public Typography Book: Designer, author and photographer.

 As graphic designers we spend much of our time working with typographic applications for a variety of two-dimensional surfaces from books to computer screens. There is, however, a world of rich typographic experience both formal and informal in signs, graffiti, flyers and other forms of lettering that inhabit our everyday environment. Each student should select a discrete sector of this environment and make a photo essay book about it. You will have authorship of the collecting of photo materials, the writing of an essay to accompany it as well as the overall design of the book.
Bars are welcoming places that provide a space for temporary relief from the responsibilities people face in their daily lives. This book examines both obvious and subtle typographic elements that exist in several popular bars in Lawrence,Kansas. From the florescent signs displaying numerous alcoholic beverages to the writing on walls and bathroom stalls left by drunken customers, DRINKING WITH TYPE  explores the various forms of typography that provide information, navigation and the atmosphere in bars.
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