Type To Self: A Typographic Manual

Type To Self is a typographic manual with personal commentary about design and its process along the way. Readers may flip through the pages and not only see layouts that examine and explore the fundamental rules of typography, but also gain an insight to the thought process that accompanies late nights, lack of sleep, and disorientation that results when zooming into a modular grid for too long.

As a graphic designer, process drives every project from its birth to its final form. The process of design is always documented, but how often is the thought process throughout? 

Type To Self is a typographic manual, an informational publication containing the rules of typography while opposing its serious content about the fundamental design rules with personal commentary of my thought process during the sleepless nights of its formation.

It is a manual that takes a playful spin on learning typography through the exploration of projecting both the design and the designer. 

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